What's in My Weekend Bag

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  1. Haha, no shame in wearing 1D pajamas! I have an XL tee of Taylor Swift during her Red album promotion that I wear as a sleep shirt. I’m the same way with packing homework. There’s probably an 80% chance I’m not going to get to it, but I’ll regret it if I don’t pack it!

    Amy | http://amypham.me

    1. Nope, definitely no shame! I own like 4 One Direction shirts and I wear them all to sleep hahah.

      It’s true, I packed my homework with me and didn’t do it until Sunday night… I’m so bad! xx

  2. Hey I just saw that you are in the Beauty Crowd pro and thenBrandBaker Networks. Did they offer you already any opportunities or did you find them helpful?
    Love, Anna

    1. I just signed up last week but they haven’t offered me anything yet. First, you have to sign up or apply to be accepted. Depending on how many products they have, they select a few and then those few can review the products. My friend just got some full sized samples, which is awesome! You should definitely look into those networks. It’s a great way to expand your audience. xx

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