Hi everyone! I recently discovered a company called MakeSpace. MakeSpace is an on-demand storage service with locations across the US such as New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Basically, MakeSpace picks up, stores, and delivers your items for you so you don’t have to do the packing and hauling! After learning about MakeSpace and their services, I was inspired to create my own dream closet space and how I’d organize it. Currently, my closet isn’t exactly how I’d like it to be. But I turned to Pinterest for some major closet space inspo. Keep reading to find out what’s in my dream closet space!

What’s in My Dream Closet Space?

What's in My Dream Closet Space

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Shoe Shelf

Right now, I have a third of my shoes tucked away in a hanging drawer. Another third of my shoes are in a pile on my closet floor. And the last third of my shoes are by the front door of my house because I wear them more frequently. I like to be able to see all my shoes and grab whichever pair matches my outfit the best. With a shoe shelf, I’d be able to display my shoes, as well as air them out. A Pair & A Spare created a great DIY tutorial on how to build your own shoe shelf. If you aren’t handy, Urban Outfitters has a similar shelf for $79.

Matching Hangers

I believe your closet should have a theme that’s consistent with the rest of your bedroom. I’ve always envisioned my dream closet and bedroom to be very clean and minimal with neutral tones and colors. Having matching hangers would make my dream closet more streamlined and easier on the eyes. DIY gold hangers, anyone?! Or you can find wooden hangers in glitter gold for $14.99 on Amazon.

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Hanging Drawers

Along with matching hangers, my dream closet space would also consist of hanging drawers that match. Ideally, the floor of my dream closet space would be clear of items. Everything would either be hung or stored away in hanging drawers and boxes. Walmart offers some really cute matching hanging drawers and boxes.

Clothing Rack

I’ve seen so many clothing racks in pretty Pinterest posts and as a fashion lover, it would be great to display my favorite outfits. I could also use the clothing rack to plan out my outfits for the entire week so I don’t have to scramble every morning before work. In Honor of Design has this really cute copper clothing rack with matching hangers! You can find a similar clothing rack at Urban Outfitters for $129.


Obviously, my dream closet would be a walk-in with enough space for a vanity area so I can do my makeup and try on outfits. Two things I love are minimalism and mid-century modern decor and architecture. A New Bloom wrote a great DIY modern vanity tutorial. Or you can find a similar vanity table for $241.99 at Target. I would love something like that in my dream closet space! It would be the perfect finishing touch.

What's in My Dream Closet Space

So there you have it! My ideal closet space would include a shoe shelf, matching clothes hangers, hanging closet drawers, a clothing rack, and a vanity table. I don’t have these in my closet now, but someday I will!

What’s in your dream closet space?

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