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  1. What an original and helpful post. We’ve stayed at two hotels since the pandemic first started. We didn’t dare go anywhere when this whole thing started, but towards the end of summer we decided to chance it. We just made sure to stay at a place that had outdoor corridors instead of a huge indoor building. Also, the first time we took our own portable air filter. The second time we weren’t as paranoid. We kept our distance from everyone, and just used common sense. However, during fall & winter we aren’t going anywhere, especially because the numbers have gone up. Ugh…2020 🙁

    1. That’s a really smart idea to bring a portable air filter! I didn’t think of doing that.

      But I plan on doing the same this winter. I won’t even be seeing my parents for Christmas. ?

      Hopefully, 2021 is a lot better!

  2. Oooh I have been curious about the hotel scene with the whole COVID pandemic going on. It is great that the staff is taking the extra effort to ensure safety. Glad that your hotel stay was great!! Hopefully people will start becoming more comfortable with hotel staying. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Nancy ✨

    1. Surprisingly, my hotel experience surpassed my expectations. I was so worried but hotel staff worked to make sure we were all comfortable. I still wouldn’t recommend traveling during a pandemic. But if you had to, it’s not that bad!

    1. Hi Georgina,

      Thanks for reading and enjoying! A staycation is definitely something we all need right now. Even if it helps us feel like we’ve gone on an actual vacation.

      I know the UK has been on lockdown for some time now. I think California will be going on lockdown soon too. Especially after all the holidays. It seems like it’s never going to end!

  3. I hate how the whole covid thing has made me SUPER paranoid about anywhere public. I really need to get away and go on vacation but with a toddler… it feels impossible. This post gave me a bit of hope though!

    1. I agree! I’ve also been paranoid about being in public because of COVID. However, some things are just inevitable. But I’m glad this post gave you some hope! ?

      I also agree! We all need a vacation after everything that happened this year. Have you thought about having a staycation with your toddler?

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