21 Days of Gratitude

Hi everyone! This month, I took part Day Designer’s 2018 Gratitude Challenge. For 21 days, I recorded the things I was grateful for. Keep reading to find out what I’m thankful for!

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August 2016 Favorites

Hello friends! My apologies for going MIA without any notice. This last month and a half has been insane. As most of you know, I started working a second job. So I’m working two part-time jobs with no days off. That means I hardly have any time to blog, let alone relax or catch up […]

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Weekend Getaway to LA

A typical weekend in LA consists of trying new foods, plenty of outdoor activities, and some sightseeing. Check out what I did this past weekend!

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On the Road Again: Boy Bands, Food, and Fun

As most of you may know, One Direction is my favorite band. Last week, they kicked off the US leg of their On the Road Again Tour. I’ve seen them twice before and I couldn’t miss them this time around, even though the only California dates they played were San Diego and Santa Clara. I […]

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