Amazon Prime Day and back-to-school season are both around the corner! To celebrate, I rounded up a collection of my favorite home desk accessories found on Amazon. They have made my WFH days more productive and prettier. From letter openers to monitor risers, here are six Amazon desk accessories to buy during Prime Day.

6 Amazon Desk Accessories to Buy During Prime Day

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3Pcs Cloud Shaped Mini Art Cutter Utility Knife

6 Amazon Desk Accessories to Buy During Prime Day | 3Pcs Cloud Shaped Mini Art Cutter Utility Knife

I have seen these mini cloud-shaped utility knives all over TikTok and Instagram. And of course, I had to get some for myself especially since my old box cutters were getting dull.

Not only do these cloud-shaped utility knives work as box cutters, but they can also work as letter openers. Best of all, they come with a keychain hole, which makes them perfectly portable. So I keep one at my home desk and another at my office desk.

I gave the third one to my SO and he also loves his. He was so surprised to see how sharp the little blade was compared to his old box cutter.

You can get a 3-pack of your favorite colors for $5.49.

Ruler & Letter Opener Combo

6 Amazon Desk Accessories to Buy During Prime Day | Ruler & Letter Opener Combo

Next, is the ruler and letter opener combo from Uncommon Desks. Just like the product name says, it’s a combination of a ruler and a letter opener. The ruler measures in both metric and standard.

I got the ruler and letter opener combo because I needed both items separately. And I was surprised to find an all-in-one item. Because I love multifunctional things!

Just like the mini cloud-shaped utility knives, I keep one on my home desk and another on my office desk.

You can find a 3-pack in black or mixed colors for $6.95 on Amazon.

Acrylic Monitor Stand Riser

6 Amazon Desk Accessories to Buy During Prime Day | Acrylic Monitor Stand Riser

Then, I got an acrylic monitor stand riser from Beimu. It’s available in 14 inches, 16 inches, or 16 inches with two tiers. I got the 14-inch stand to rest my MacBook Air on. I love the minimal but chic look of the acrylic monitor stand riser. It definitely levels up my home desk. I also love that it adds extra storage space to my small desk.

Prices of the acrylic monitor stand riser range from $19.52 to $28.96. Find one that fits your laptop or monitor now!

Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

6 Amazon Desk Accessories to Buy During Prime Day | Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

As an accountant, I need my number pad. And I kept complaining about not having one.

So my SO bought a wireless keyboard-mouse combo for me when we were setting up my new desk. And he knows me so well, he got the set in my favorite color rose gold.

However, the wireless keyboard-mouse combo comes in other colors and starts at $27.19.

I like the wireless keyboard-mouse combo because it serves its purpose and matches my aesthetics. Plus, it’s compatible with both PC and Mac products. However, I do not like the sensitivity (or lack of) and loud clicking of the mouse. Instead, I continue using my Apple Magic Mouse because it’s more functional and ergonomic.

But if you want to add some color to your desk setup, I would still recommend getting a wireless keyboard-mouse combo.

Office Desk Calculator

6 Amazon Desk Accessories to Buy During Prime Day | Office Desk Calculator

Lastly, I found a cute office desk calculator on Amazon for my WFH setup.

As an accountant, I need an office desk calculator in addition to a number pad. I found the Tocorpie office desk calculator on Amazon. It’s the perfect size for my desk and convenient for making quick calculations. The pink calculator also adds to my desk aesthetics.

You can get it in either blue or pink for $9.50.

Bonus Desk Accessories

Other than Amazon, I like to shop at Target for home organization and desk accessories. Some honorable mentions and essentials are the heyday ring light with tripod in stone white and the Target exclusive Stanley 40oz Stainless Steel H2.0 FlowState Quencher Tumbler in brilliant white.

Watch my roundup reel:

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