3 Weekly Tasks for Keeping an Active Blog

Lately, I’ve been super busy with school, work, my internship, trying to keep a social life, finding time to relax, and still making time to blog. It’s been difficult to juggle but I like to stay busy. And I know you’re wondering how I’m able to post twice a week on top of all these IRL activities. If it weren’t for my multiple (physical and electronic) calendars, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish it all. And if it weren’t for three particular tasks I do every week, I wouldn’t be able to keep an active blog. So if you’re a busy bee and want to figure out how to stay active like me, stick around. I’ll show you three simple tasks to keeping an active blog. And they all start with P so it’s easier to remember!

3 Weekly Tasks for Keeping an Active Blog

3 Weekly Tasks for Keeping an Active Blog

1) Plan

The first P is plan. The most important part of keeping an active blog is planning ahead. I don’t know how far other bloggers plan ahead but I always figure out my prompts for the whole month. For example, September is coming to an end so I’ll sit down and figure out what topics I want to write about for the whole month of October. I publish new posts every Sunday and Wednesday so I just choose a topic for whichever day I think fits best. Then I’ll write it out on my calendar so I have a visual of what to post. I hardly run out of topics because I keep a list of ideas and constantly add onto it whenever I think of a new prompt.

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2) Post

The second P is post. Once I have all my posts planned out, I start writing my post. I usually follow the same format, just like I would write an essay — intro, body, conclusion. It makes things easier and much smoother, especially when I don’t know how to organize my posts. I usually write the post a few days before the scheduled date because school, work, and socializing often gets in the way. And I always proofread my posts multiple times, checking for spelling and grammatical errors. When the post is finalized and ready to go, I’ll schedule it to be published on a certain date. That way, my blog will update on its own and I don’t have to worry while I’m at school or work.

3) Promote

The last P is promote. After your post is published, you should promote it to get more readers and views. I wait a day or two after the publish date to promote my post. I’ll have pictures ready to share on other social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. I’ll usually caption the picture with a one-liner because people are more visual and tend to skip through paragraphs. Don’t forget to include hashtags and the link to your blog so your readers have easier access. After you’ve promoted your recent blog post, you can start over again and plan the next post!

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3 Weekly Tasks for Keeping an Active Blog

So that’s it. Three simple tasks to keeping an active blog post — plan, post, and promote. I’ve been doing this for a while and it has tremendously helped my site stay active. Not only that, but I’ve gained more views from being more consistent with my content. I really hope these simple weekly tasks help you.

What are your tips for keeping an active blog?

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