Fall Skin Care Routine with Lavelier

Hi everyone! I can’t believe we’re already in November. Before we know it, it’s going to be 2019. And as the seasons change, so should our skin care. It’s time to prepare for the upcoming cold months, which can dry out our skin. To revamp my fall skin care regimen, I’ve partnered with Lavelier, who sent me a complimentary sample of their HydroTherm Collection to test and review. The HydoTherm Collection consists of a face mask, serum, and cream — all of which I’ve included in my skin care routine. Keep scrolling to see how I’ve stepped up my fall skin care routine with Lavelier!

Fall Skin Care Routine with Lavelier

Fall Skin Care Routine with Lavelier

Lavelier’s HydroTherm Collection

Fall Skin Care Routine with Lavelier

As explained on the brand’s about page, Lavelier is a luxury skin care brand that offers “exceptional products infused with the revitalizing potential of the deep sea.” The key ingredient in Lavelier’s products is coral seaweed, which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Coral seaweed can be found in Lavelier’s HydroTherm Collection, which also contains marine botanicals, Kaolin clay, and soothing aloe vera. The HydroTherm Collection can be used to help brighten skin, as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores.

HydroTherm Intense Masque

Fall Skin Care Routine with Lavelier
HydroTherm Intense Masque ($1,500 USD)

Lavelier’s HydroTherm Intense Masque is a uniquely heat-activated spa-like treatment that detoxifies and invigorates your skin. The mask contains ingredients like Kaolin clay, marine botanicals, and soothing aloe vera. The HydroTherm Intense Masque should be used monthly to “help promote an energized and more youthful experience.”

After cleansing and toning, I apply the HydroTherm Intense Masque to my clean, damp skin. I massage two drops of the HydroTherm Sauna Serum to intensify the mask’s warming effects, which I can instantly feel. Then I let the mask set for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water. Although it contains Kaolin clay, the HydroTherm Intense Masque is unlike other clay masks — it didn’t dry up or tighten my skin. Instead, I feel like it helps hydrate my skin.

HydroTherm Sauna Serum

Fall Skin Care Routine with Lavelier
HydroTherm Sauna Serum ($1,000 USD)

Lavelier’s HydroTherm Sauna Serum a silken serum that contains anti-aging vitamins and seaweed extract. The serum can be used alone or with the HydroTherm Intense Masque to maximize warming effects. The HydroTherm Sauna Serum energizes and brightens your skin. I have been using the HydroTherm Sauna Serum after my toner and before my spot treatment every night. Although the serum feels sticky, it absorbs into my skin very quickly. When I wake up the next morning, my skin is noticeably brighter, smoother, and more supple.

HydroTherm Completion Crème

Fall Skin Care Routine with Lavelier
HydroTherm Completion Crème ($1,000 USD)

Lavelier’s HydroTherm Completion Crème is a transformative cream that contains hyaluronic acid. The cream helps to diffuse and minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. I have been applying the HydroTherm Completion Crème every morning and night. The consistency is thicker than I expected but just like the HydroTherm Sauna Serum, the HydroTherm Completion Crème quickly absorbs into my skin. What’s best about the HydroTherm Completion Crème is that it’s very lightweight, so it feels like there’s nothing on my skin.

Overall Rating: 5/5

A few weeks ago, my skin was suffering from the consequences of a late, drunken night out and falling asleep with my makeup on. Just one night of not keeping up with my skin care routine resulted in a breakout worse than usual. I was breaking out in places I hardly get acne (like my forehead and around my eyebrows). To tackle this issue, I’ve included Lavelier’s HydroTherm Collection in my fall skin care routine. Over the last few weeks, my blemishes and red spots have diminished. The enlarged pores on my cheeks and fine lines on my forehead have also minimized. My skin feels a lot smoother and I’m sure with continued use over time, my complexion will be even brighter. I’m so pleased with the results! However, the HydroTherm Collection is way out of my price range and I wouldn’t purchase the products on my own. I’ll continue to use the products until I run out and will find a cheaper alternative. When I do, I’ll most definitely post about it!

What products are in your fall skin care routine?

Let me know in the comments.

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*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received complimentary samples in exchange for my own, honest review.

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