Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment | Product Review

Hi everyone! Exuviance recently sent me a complimentary, full-size sample of their Detox Mud Treatment to test and review. Exuviance was created by Dr. Eugene van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, whose products include anti-aging ingredients such as glycolic acid. The key ingredients in Exuviance’s Detox Mud Treatment are 23% active charcoal, clay, NeoGlucosamine, and citric acid. Although the mask is suitable for all skin types, it specifically targets congested, oily, or blemish-prone complexions. And these are most of my skin concerns! The Detox Mud Treatment is actually Exuviance’s newest product and I was lucky to receive a complimentary sample to test and review! Keep scrolling to read my review.

Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment | Product Review

Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment | Product Review

About Exuviance

EXUVIANCE® is created by Drs. Van Scott and Yu, widely recognized as leaders in the field of cosmetic dermatology. They discovered the anti-aging benefits of Glycolic Acid and created and patented the first Glycolic Peel. Since their groundbreaking discovery, the creators of Exuviance have continued to develop many new patented anti-aging ingredients backed by evidence from numerous scientific and clinical studies. Recognized around the world, Exuviance formulas are expertly developed to visibly transform skin by combining their patented innovations with the best, state of the art technologies available in dermatology today.

Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment | Product Review

Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment

The Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment is a 23% active charcoal, clay, and NeoGlucosamine blend. It is formulated to instantly clarify and refine pores. The mud mask also helps remove debris, toxins, and excess oil. The Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment is ideal for congested, oily, or blemish-prone complexions but it is suitable for all skin types. The full-size version of the Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment is 3.4 fl. oz. and retails for $49 USD. You can order the Detox Mud Treatment on Exuviance’s website.

According to Exuviance’s website, the Detox Mud Treatment is “known for its ability to exfoliate and help minimize the appearance of pores, NeoGlucosamine, a non-acid amino-sugar exfoliator, initiates the clarifying treatment process. Then, Japanese Binchotan Charcoal acts like a magnet, sweeping up surface pore-clogging impurities and environmental toxins to take your skin beyond ordinary cleansing. French Clay, with its high mineral content, absorbs oil and leaves skin feeling revitalized. A botanical blend helps control oiliness and restore skin’s natural balance for a beautiful, smooth finish.”

Directions: Squeeze product onto fingertips and apply a thin, even layer over cleansed face, completely covering skin but avoiding eyes. Let mask dry completely for 5 – 15 minutes. To remove the mask, use hands to rinse skin well with warm water. We do not recommend removing product with a washcloth as it may stain linens. Apply 2-3 times a week as part of your skincare regimen, or as needed to help clarify and refine pores.

Key ingredients: Japanese Binchotan Charcoal, French Clay, NeoGlucosamine, Citric Acid

Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment | Product Review


  • clarifies and refines pores
  • absorbs excess oil and debris
  • suitable for all skin types
  • paraben-free, oil-free, non-irritating


  • recommended to be used 2-3 times a week

Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment | Product Review

Overall Rating: 4/5

Overall, the Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment worked really well for me. November was a hectic month for me — I often worked overtime, stayed up late, woke up early, and resorted to a very poor diet with lack of exercise. This took a toll on my skin and I definitely needed a detox. To test the Detox Mud Treatment, I included it in my nighttime skincare regimen after cleansing and before toning. Then I continued my nighttime routine with essence, serum, and moisturizer. When I woke up the next morning, my pores were visibly refined and my complexion was clearer. I was pleasantly pleased with the results and plan to continue using it. Especially since I have a wedding to attend soon! So if you’re looking for a clay mask with real results, definitely look into Exuviance’s Detox Mud Treatment. It retails for $49 USD but it’s worth every dollar.

What face mask have you been using lately?

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*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received complimentary samples from Exuviance in exchange for my own honest opinion and review of the product.

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3 thoughts on “Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment | Product Review

  1. Charcoal masks work well but it can be messy when rinsing. I’m glad you this worked well for you. Actually I just tried the L’Oreal charcoal mask and it was pretty good.


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