How I Increased My Blog Stats by 50% in One Month

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about blogging tips and advice. There are so many tips I could give, I could create a new series entirely dedicated to blogging tips. But I think it’s just easier to show everyone my Pinterest board full of blogging resources. It’s been about two years since I started blogging but I didn’t take it seriously until now. And since I started taking my blog seriously, my stats have immensely improved. Between the months of February and March, I managed to increase my blog stats by 50%. It definitely takes time and dedication but you have to put in work to see results. Although your blog stats might be different than mine, here’s how YOU can increase your blog stats in one month.

How I Increased My Blog Stats by 50% in One Month

How I Increased My Blog Stats by 50% in One Month

February 2017 v. March 2017

How to Increase Your Blog Stats by 50% in One Month // February 2017 Blog Stats

How to Increase Your Blog Stats by 50% in One Month // February 2017 Blog Stats

Above are screenshots of my February and March blog stats. By looking at the numbers and bar graphs, you can see a significant increase in my blog stats between the two months. My views increased by 217 (or 47%). The number of visitors increased by 82 (or 45%). My likes nearly doubled from 55 in February to 106 in March. Lastly, my comments more than doubled from 45 in February to 98 in March.

Plan and Publish More Content

March 2017 Plan With Me

The most important step to increasing your blog stats is to actually publish more content! It’s not shown in the stats above but I only published 4 posts in February and 8 posts in March. Just like my likes and comments, my number of posts published also doubled. As I’ve mentioned in my most recent Plan With Me post, I plan out my posts a month ahead and try to stick to my schedule as much as I can. More content means more views and stats!

Promote Blog Posts on Social Media

How to Increase Your Blog Stats by 50% in One Month // Promote on Social Media
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Another way to increase your blog stats in one month is by promoting your blog on other social media accounts! As soon as one of my blog posts publishes, I promote it by queuing posts on my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages. There are various sites and apps you can use to manage your editorial calendar and to market your social media. My personal favorites are Hootsuite and Later.

Network with Other Bloggers

Beauties on Fire

In order to advance and succeed in the work world, you have to network with peers and professionals. The exact same thing goes for the blogging world! Networking with other bloggers will help improve your blog stats. The easiest way to network with other bloggers is by following back, commenting, and liking other bloggers’ posts. I like to take it to the next level by following other bloggers on all social media platforms listed on their blogs. I am also part of a Facebook group called Beauties on Fire, where beauty and fashion bloggers get together and give each other support and advice. I’m sure there are many more ways to network with other bloggers and to increase your blog stats!

What methods do you use to increase your blog stats?

Let me know in the comments! I’m sure other readers will benefit from your tips. Once again, your blog stats are different than mine and might not increase by 50% in one month. But it’s definitely worth putting more time and effort into your blog!

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