March 2017 Plan With Me

17I can’t believe we’re already three months into 2017! Time keeps flying by and it doesn’t seem to slow down at all. There’s a reason they call it March Madness! As always, I’ve been busy with work while trying to balance blogging, working out, social life, and my personal wellbeing. Like I said before, I was more successful at keeping consistent with my blog content. Switching back to the Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP) might have played a part in improving my blog content and scheduling. And for my March 2017 Plan With Me post, I used my ECLP. Check out how I used my ECLP to stay organized!

March 2017 Plan With Me

March 2017 Plan With Me

Monthly View

March 2017 Plan With Me

Just like the agenda, the ECLP starts each month off with decorative artwork followed by a monthly page view. So far, I have some (but not all) holidays and bill due dates filled in. I also use the monthly view to plan and schedule my blog posts for the month. The blue sticky notes signify posts for Avec Valerie, which publishes every Sunday and Wednesday. The purple sticky notes signify posts for On the Edge, which publishes every Friday.

Does anyone have any other ideas as to how I could use the monthly view? Let me know in the comments!

Week 1

March 2017 Plan With Me // Week 1

Week 1 of March was when I first started using the ECLP, which is why it’s so bare. The vertically placed washi tape signifies my work hours… which don’t change since I work an office job. But it helps fill up space in my planner!

Week 2

March 2017 Plan With Me

Week 2 isn’t much different from week 1 besides the color scheme I chose. I also have a lot of stickers leftover from the first ECLP I had. So I’ve been using those stickers in this new planner. If you know of any neat Etsy shops that sell planner stickers, let me know in the comments! I’d love to check out new sticker kits for the hourly layout.

Week 3

March 2017 Plan With Me // Week 3

For week 3, I got a bit more festive. St. Patrick’s Day landed on Friday and I went with a green and gold color scheme. I started using even more stickers and I filled up the sidebar with tasks to complete throughout the week! I also added weather stickers with temperatures at the top of each day.

Week 4

March 2017 Plan With Me // Week 4

Week 4 is probably my favorite layout for the March 2017 Plan With Me. Green, blue, and turquoise are my favorite colors! Like the other weeks, I used washi tape for my work hours, put weather stickers on top of each day, and filled out the sidebar with weekly tasks. At the bottom of the layout, I added water intake stickers and daily meals, which I failed to keep track of. But I do like this layout and will continue to plan like this!

Week 5

March 2017 Plan With Me // Week 5

Week 5 is when I got better at planning and filling up empty space in my planner. I also got better at tracking my meals… but not my water intake. I changed the sidebar a bit — I included a workout tracker and listed my tasks for the week. And as you can tell, I used more stickers and I love how it looks. Hopefully April’s Plan With Me will be more filled up.

How do you plan your tasks and events?

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