February 2017 Plan with Me

Hi everyone! I’m back with another edition of my Plan with Me posts. As I’ve said before, February may have been a short month but I’ve been so busy. I tried to keep up with my planner and making it pretty but I wasn’t as successful as I hoped to be. You can tell which weeks were busy and which weeks I spent more time planning; I’m still trying to get back into the groove of it. I actually switched back to the Erin Condren Life Planner and got the hourly layout to help with my time management. Their Life Planners were 30% offΒ andΒ they had a flash sale that took an extra 20% off items site-wide. Of course I couldn’t pass a deal up! So when I publish my March 2017 Plan With Me post, I’ll be using my Erin Condren Life Planner. Keep an eye out for that! Until then, let’s check out my February 2017 Plan with Me.

February 2017 Plan with Me

February 2017 Plan with Me

Monthly View

February 2017 Plan with Me

I got a little festive with the monthly view this month. You can never have enough glitter washi… or glitter anything! Besides the glitter and washi, the monthly view is quite bare. I only wrote down due dates, pay days, and of course, blog post topics on post-it notes. IΒ doΒ like how February’s monthly view turned out compared to January’s monthly view.

Notes Page

February 2017 Plan with Me // Notes Page

Just like last month, the notes page is still blank. I still have yet to figure out what I want to do with these two pages. I kind of want to turn it into a dashboard or tracker of some sort. Any suggestions?

Week 1

February 2017 Plan with Me // Week 1

February 2017 Plan with Me // Week 1

For week 1, I started off strong with my planning. My tools typically include stickers, rubber stamps and black ink, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens, Tombow dual brush pens, washi tape, and my current favorite — Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pen in 0.5mm.

Week 2

February 2017 Plan with Me // Week 2

February 2017 Plan with Me // Week 2

I try to make my weekly spreads as visually appealing as possible; it makes planning more exciting. And I get to put my old scrapbooking skills to use! But obviously, I forget to plan some weeks or don’t get as decorative.

Week 3

February 2017 Plan with Me // Week 3

February 2017 Plan with Me // Week 3

I also use my planner as an excuse to practice my brush lettering. Like they say, practice makes perfect! And if you mess up, just cover it with a sticker. πŸ˜…

Week 4

February 2017 Plan with Me // Week 4

February 2017 Plan with Me // Week 4

Week 4 of February was also very bare. But I sketched an Oscar and practiced cross hatching! Did anyone else watch the Oscars? And did anyone get pancakes?!

That’s it for my February 2017 Plan with Me post. I can’t wait to share March’s PWM! I’m thinking about filming my PWM posts starting next month but I’m still debating if I should use both my Ban.do agenda and ECLP… or just stick to one. They both have their own unique features that I enjoy.

Which planner do you want to see me use for March?

Let me know in the comments!Β Please like & follow if you’d like to see more Plan With Me posts.

Valerie Nguyen

Valerie. 28. California girl with insatiable wanderlust. Bookkeeper by day, fangirl by night. Beauty editor for MagickGal. Shameless foodie and retail therapist.

13 thoughts on “February 2017 Plan with Me

  1. Your penmanship tho is Fuego and I absolutely love your brush lettering. Looking at this post makes me miss my ECLP but I also struggled with what to do with the notes page. There’s just so many blank pages I didnt utilize. Love to see how you plan with ban.go! Loved this tho!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks for your positive words, girl!! Ban.do just isn’t working for me so I’m going back to ECLP. They’re having a sale and I couldn’t resist!! I think I’ll try using both for awhile and see which one works better.


  2. I love your handwriting! I also love how you write down little things like ‘take trash out’ and ‘wash makeup brushes’ (<-I always write that one down haha!)

    I have to write things down in order to actually do them. And sometimes even the bigger tasks, I'll split into sub-categories. For example, for a blog post, I'll divide it into small tasks through the week: draft new post ❏ take photos ❏ edit photos ❏ edit and finalise post ❏ schedule post ❏ It's not always that precise but it means that I can really think about my posts productively.

    Ee, I think I need to get me some washi tape!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so sad you used another planner but I get the sale part lol. I think for 2018, I’ll be investing into a new brand. I’ve had ban.do for the past two years and it’s been great but I think it’s time I upgrade! Can’t wait to see what you plan next.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the artwork and whimsical holidays and sayings in the agenda but I honestly don’t think it’s really helping my productivity. I’m using a system and it’s not working for me. So maybe for next month, I’ll try planning in both and see how it works out.

      Liked by 1 person

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