Beauty Blogger Q&A + Life Updates

Hi everyone! My lovely friend and fellow beauty blogger, Devyn, tagged me in her very own Beauty Blogger Q&A and I want to thank her for that! If you haven’t done so, please check out her blog. She usually posts MOTD, product reviews, and QOTD, which I look forward to every day! I love that she adds a little bit of positivity to my newsfeed and inbox. ☺

Before we do the Beauty Blogger Q&A, I wanna give you guys some life updates. I can’t believe I’ve been MIA for two weeks; these last few days have flown by so fast. I’ve been incredibly busy and had to put blogging on the back burner for a bit. It’s tax season so I’ve been swamped with endless financial reports at work. Not to mention, I’m re-applying to grad school and need to focus on my applications before I can put more time and effort into blogging. I always say this and I’ll keep my word — I will always choose to post quality content over quantity. I refuse to publish mediocre content just for the sake of sticking to my schedule. Well that’s enough rambling, let’s move on to the Beauty Blogger Q&A!


Beauty Blogger Q&A

  1. Lipgloss,stick, stain or balm?
    Lip balm is a daily essential but definitely lipstick! I don’t think I’ve ever really tried stains and I just can’t stand the stickiness of lipgloss.
  2. Favorite mascara? Drugstore and Brand name.
    I prefer drugstore mascara over name brand mascara mainly because I’d rather not spend $20+ on a product that only lasts 2-3 months. I looove Maybelline mascaras; I’ve tried almost all of them. As for name brand mascaras, I’d definitely be willing to buy the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara again.
  3. Tinted moisturizer, BB cream or Foundation?
    I have blemished skin so tinted moisturizer doesn’t provide enough coverage for me. For everyday wear, I use BB cream. I’m actually currently using the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+, which I absolutely love! When I go out or need full coverage, I’ll turn to foundation. I recently went back to using Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin.
  4. Favorite perfume?
    Believe it or not, but my go-to perfume is One Direction’s That Moment. I love floral scents and it smells so lovely! People always compliment me when I wear it and are so surprised to find out it’s a 1D perfume. 🙈
  5. Favorite skincare brand?
    I’m a huge fan of Philosophy skincare products.
  6. Go to boss lady outfit?
    Cropped cigarette pants, sheer top, and heels.
  7. Favorite lip hue? I’m obsessed with nudes, specifically dusty rose and mauve shades. I can never have enough lippies in those shades!
  8. Beauty bloggers I follow?
    My current favorite is Manny MUA, who’s a beauty vlogger and also the first ever male brand ambassador for Maybelline.
  9. Favorite accessory?
    I’d have to say my Michael Kors Darci Pavé watch just because I wear it every day. Plus, it’s fashionable and functional. I can just look at my wrist instead of pulling out my phone whenever I need the time.
  10. Go to nail color?
    I always go for nudes and reds. I like to keep it simple.

This beauty blogger Q&A was a lot of fun! Thanks again, to Devyn, for tagging me. Now I have to get back to my grad school apps. Please feel free to do this Q&A on your own blog. Don’t forget to tag me. I’d love see your responses!

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