January 2017 Plan With Me

Hi everyone! Is it just me or did January kind of drag on forever? But it’s finally over! And you know what that means… or maybe not. Just in case you don’t know (or haven’t been reading my blog for long), I’m bringing back my Plan With Me series!! It’s been awhile since I’ve published a PWM post. The last one was back in April, to be exact. Honestly, I just got so busy with life; I haven’t had time to sit down with my planner and jot things down in it. But it’s a new year and I got a new planner to fill in. I’m still getting used to the Ban.do agenda but I love it so far. I haven’t seen too many planner addicts post PWM’s in Ban.do agendas so I figured it would be something unique on my blog. Like I said, I’m still getting a feel for things in the Ban.do agenda so it’s not as decorated or fancy as previous PWM posts. But keep reading if you want to see my January 2017 Plan With Me!

January 2017 Plan With Me

January 2017 Plan With Me

Monthly View

January 2017 Plan With Me: Monthly View

The monthly view is pretty straightforward; I don’t use it too much. I just write down important events and when my bills are due — it’s easier for me to see things at a glance rather than week by week. I covered the February dates with washi tape so I can focus just on January. My blog’s publishing days are Sundays and Wednesdays, which are highlighted in blue. On the Edge publishes new articles on Fridays, which are highlighted in purple. I write my blog topics on post-it notes so I can easily plan and move around posts whenever I have to. If you want to learn more about how I plan my blog posts, I’ll be writing an individual post on that soon. 😘

Notes Page

January 2017 Plan With Me // Notes Pages

Right after the monthly view spread comes two pages for notes. These two pages are currently blank because I’m still figuring out what to use them for. I’m thinking monthly goals, favorites, or memories. I was also thinking about turning the notes pages into a daily gratitude page. But I haven’t decided yet! Any ideas for the notes pages?

Week 1

January 2017 Plan With Me // Week 1

January 2017 Plan With Me // Week 1

Okay, it’s more like the last week of December than it is the week 1 of January… but I want to share my calligraphy and Princes Leia sketch! RIP Carrie Fisher.

Week 2

January 2017 Plan With Me // Week 2

January 2017 Plan With Me // Week 2

Week 2 of January was when I started using my planner more often, along with more quotes and calligraphy. I’ve tried keeping a bullet journal many times but I failed every time; I just don’t have the time or patience to create my own template every week. But the analog system and use of symbols help me stay organized! I’ve also made it my own by color coding everything. It helps me feel like my life is more put together than it really is.

Week 3

January 2017 Plan With Me // Week 3

Week 3 looks sparse because I was too stressed and overwhelmed with work to even open my planner. You’ll see that I migrated most of my tasks because I didn’t accomplish them… I still have yet to accomplish some of those tasks. But I did leave a little note for myself to hang in there!

Week 4

January 2017 Plan With Me // Week 4

Week 4 was another sparse week; I didn’t even bother to migrate any of my tasks. It was quite eventful though! There were birthdays, On the Edge’s site launch, and of course, the Women’s March. This was definitely a week to remember.

Week 5

January 2017 Plan With Me // Week 5

January 2017 Plan With Me // Week 5

More task migration in week 5! I really need to catch up on my product reviews. But at least it was Chinese New Year. That was probably my highlight of the week. As I’ve already said, I’m still getting used to the Ban.do agenda and getting my feel for it. February will be a lot better!

What do you have planned out for February?

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