31 Fall Activities to Get You in the Mood for the Season

Hi everyone! October is finally here, which means Halloween is just around the corner. Autumn is also here and it’s finally feeling like it in California. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler. I absolutely love it! After dealing with the heat for so long, what’s not to love about the fall season? But it’s okay. If you’re not really into autumn, here areΒ 31 fall activities to get you in the mood forΒ the season.

31 Fall Activities to Get You in the Mood for the Season

31 Fall Activities to Get You in the Mood for the Season

  1. Jump in a pile of leaves.
  2. Take a walk in the park.
  3. Drink hot cocoa.
  4. Wear riding boots.
  5. Go apple picking.
  6. Go to the pumpkin patch.
  7. Carve pumpkins.
  8. Go to the county fair.
  9. Go hiking.
  10. Watch a scary movie.
  11. Have a Netflix and chill marathon.
  12. Snuggle in a big comforter.
  13. Light some candles.
  14. Hang string lights.
  15. Use the fireplace.
  16. Have a bonfire.
  17. Be basic and drink a pumpkin spice latte.
  18. Wear leggings.
  19. Wear chunky sweaters.
  20. Go wine tasting.
  21. Make a wreath.
  22. Attend a football game.
  23. Go through a corn maze.
  24. Attend Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.
  25. Go to Disneyland during Halloween.
  26. Create your own Halloween costume.
  27. Visit a haunted house.
  28. Go on a hay ride.
  29. Bake cookies.
  30. Make s’mores.
  31. Make candy apples.

Just thinking about all these activities is getting me in the mood for fall already! I can’t wait until the weather gets even cooler so I can bust out my sweaters, scarves, and boots. I hate long, dark nights but I love pumpkin and cinnamon scented everything! And on the plus side, that means it’s snuggle season! These are just a few of my favorite things about fall. Besides the food and holidays spent with family.

What are some of your favorite fall activities?

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Valerie. 28. California girl with insatiable wanderlust. Bookkeeper by day, fangirl by night. Beauty editor for MagickGal. Shameless foodie and retail therapist.

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