Nexabiotic Probiotics by Dr. Formulas | Product Review

Hi everyone! Awhile ago, I received free full-sized samples of Nexabiotic probiotics by Dr. Formulas to test and review. Nexabiotic sent me three different bottles — Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotics, Nexabiotic Kids Chewable Pearls, and Nexabiotic Powder for infants, which can all be purchased on Amazon. Since I don’t have any children, I only sampled the Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotics. I sampled about a week’s worth so I could provide a better review of the product. Here’s what I thought about the Nexabiotic probiotics!

Nexabiotic Probiotics by Dr. Formulas

Nexabiotic Probiotics by Dr. Formulas // Product Review

First of all, what are probiotics? According to Nexabiotic:

In the normal human gut there are over 100 trillion bacteria. As you get older, get stressed, or take antibiotics those normal good-guy bacteria die off. These probiotics do everything from helping to break down food, providing essential nutrients like vitamin K, and keeping the competing bad bacteria at bay. Probiotics supplement the gastrointestinal tract with those known, good, beneficial organisms. Probiotic supplements are one of the most popular health supplements because they actually work to help maintain digestive health.

Nexabiotic says we need probiotics because “typical modern diets are too sterile and not diverse enough to maintain optimal probiotic levels. Our food supply is now more processed, sterilized, and loaded with more antibiotics than ever before.”

And what makes Nexabiotic than other supplements is that it “has been formulated to cover all bases in terms of probiotics. Nexabiotic provides your digestive tract 23 different kinds of probiotics at a substantial dose (34.5 billion CFUs) which helps restore digestive balance. Not only that but Nexabiotic capsules are also specially engineered so that its high-quality probiotics survive the harsh stomach acid and make it into the gut where they need to be.”

Probiotics are found in foods such as yogurt and it’s beneficial for your digestive health. But I also decided to give Nexabiotic probiotics a try because I recently came back from Hard Summer Music Festival and had a pretty bad hormonal breakout.

Nexabiotic Probiotics by Dr. Formulas // Product Review


  • good for your digestive health
  • helps break down food
  • helps improve your skin & acne problems
  • fights off “bad” bacteria
  • contains 23 strains of “good” bacteria


  • large capsules, which may be difficult to swallow
  • must take 2 capsules daily (1 in the morning, 1 at night)
  • must be taken on an empty stomach with 8oz. of water
  • unpleasant scent

Nexabiotic Probiotics by Dr. Formulas // Product Review

Final Verdict

Like I said, the main reason why I tried the Nexabiotic probiotics was to see if it would help with my acne. At the time I started taking them, I was going through a hormonal breakout. I also started eating clean again after a week-long cheat day and focused more on my skincare routine every night. After about a week, my skin did clear up but I’m not sure if it was the probiotics, my PMS going away, my diet and skincare… or a combination of all those factors. I will say that I would often feel nauseous after taking the capsules and that’s what made me stop taking them. Maybe it was my stomach getting used to the “good” bacteria but I couldn’t handle it. Not to mention, it was hard to keep track of taking the capsules on top of my other daily medications and vitamins. I would like to thank Dr. Formulas and Nexabiotic for providing me the opportunity to sample their products but I’ll probably just stick to drinking probiotic-infused juice from now on.

Have you tried any products containing probiotics? Let me know which ones are your favorite!

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*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received samples from Nexabiotic and provided my honest opinion on the product in exchange for compensation. Results may vary when using probiotics. Please consult your physician before taking probiotics.


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5 thoughts on “Nexabiotic Probiotics by Dr. Formulas | Product Review

  1. Yes I did take probiotics. I’m not sure if it really helped or not – I did it mainly for digestive health. I never felt nauseous though – too bad that happened to you!


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