August 2016 Favorites

Hello friends! My apologies for going MIA without any notice. This last month and a half has been insane. As most of you know, I started working a second job. So I’m working two part-time jobs with no days off. That means I hardly have any time to blog, let alone relax or catch up on sleep. But that’s no excuse to stop my passion project, which is this blog. I think I’ve finally got the motivation to put time aside to blog again. September is coming up and I think it’ll be a fresh start for me. I don’t think I can keep up with two posts a week… I’m actually still figuring out my blogging schedule. For now, I’m going to ease back into blogging with my August 2016 favorites!

August 2016 Favorites

August 2016 Favorites

2017 Agenda

August 2016 Favorites // 2017 Agenda

I can’t believe how quickly the month of August came and went. But you know what that means? I finally got to start using my 2017 agenda!! If you haven’t watched my unboxing & reveal video, please do so. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I plan on incorporating videos into my blog posts.

Pokémon Hunting in Santa Monica

August 2016 Favorites // Pokémon Hunting in Santa Monica

I mean… the screenshot says it all, doesn’t it? My friends and I walked around Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Street a couple weeks ago. My bag was so full of poké balls, I actually had to delete items to make space. I hatched a couple eggs, one of which turned out to be Bulbasaur. And look at all those lures! I have to go back soon.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

August 2016 Favorites // Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

My childhood lives on!! I’m so excited J.K. Rowling is continuing to write more Harry Potter books. I also can’t wait to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them when it comes out to theatres. You’ll definitely see me in line for the midnight premiere.

The Chainsmokers

August 2016 Favorites // The Chainsmokers

I went to Hard Summer and posted a picture on Instagram. The Chainsmokers didn’t even perform but they still found my pic, liked, and commented on it!! I freaked out at work when I saw the notification. I love the Chainsmokers so so so much. I saw them perform at Hakkasan in Vegas a couple months ago and I’m actually going to see them again at I Heart Radio and Wet Republic in September. If you haven’t yet, listen to their latest song with Halsey, called “Closer.” I’ve had it on repeat because it’s just so catchy.

Haha Sushi

August 2016 Favorites // Haha Sushi

I love sushi. If I had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would definitely be sushi. But I’m also picky with my sushi. I’m picky with what goes on my roll, the freshness of the fish, the customer service, and the list goes on and on. There are very few places in town that I love to get sushi from and Haha Sushi is one of them. Within this last month, Haha Sushi quickly and easily became my #1 sushi spot because they have lunch specials, which all come with miso soup and a soft drink, for $9.99 every day of the week. And since I’ve been craving simple hand rolls, I was so happy to find out they have a hand roll combo included in their lunch special! So if you’re ever in Fresno, definitely check Haha Sushi out.

What are some of your August 2016 favorites?! Let me know in the comments.

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