DIY Floral Graduation Cap

Hey everyone! Just a few days ago, I graduated and walked the stage! I actually received my diploma last semester and didn’t plan on walking but I did it for my family. Since I decided to walk, I wanted to make sure I stood out in the sea of black gowns and caps. I checked Pinterest for grad cap decoration ideas and didn’t like any of them. Not to mention, I didn’t find any that were exactly how I wanted to decorate mine… Which was a good thing. No one on Pinterest had my idea, meaning no one at graduation would have the same cap as me. So for those of you graduating soon, I want to show you how to quickly and easily achieve a DIY floral graduation cap in just about an hour.

DIY Floral Graduation Cap

DIY Floral Graduation Cap

What You Need

  • graduation cap
  • glue gun
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 7 artificial flowers


1) Gather all your materials.
When I went to Michael’s, they were having a sale on artificial flowers. I thought I bought more than I needed but it was just enough to cover the entire cap. Since my tassel was salmon and my stole was red, I decided to go with white, pink, coral, and red flowers. Coincidentally, I bought mostly dahlias because I love them so much! It’s up to you though, you can pick your favorite flowers.

2) Plug your glue gun in & let it warm up for 5 minutes.
Do not let the glue gun lay on its side or the hot glue will drip. You want to make sure the glue gun is resting on its stand.

DIY Floral Graduation Cap

3) While the glue gun is heating up, pull the flowers apart from the stem.
You don’t need scissors for this. Most artificial flowers are detachable, meaning you can just pop the flowers off their stems. If you look at the picture below, you can see an opening at the bottom of the flower, where it connects to the stem.

DIY Floral Graduation Cap

4) Combine all your flowers into one pile.
The reason for doing this is so you can mix the colors up. The DIY floral graduation cap is supposed to be similar to a bouquet and you don’t want the same colors to be next to each other. It’s supposed to be colorful, vibrant, and well-balanced to the eye.

DIY Floral Graduation Cap

5) Throw all the stems to the side.
You won’t be using the stems anymore. Since they are made out of plastic, I’m almost positive you can recycle them… I would double check first.

6) Grab a flower of any color and apply glue to the stem.
Don’t be afraid to use the glue gun and colors don’t really matter. Remember, you want them to be mixed anyway. You also want to make sure you work fast, as the glue can quickly dry.

7) Glue the flower to the graduation cap, starting at the center.

8) Press and hold down on the flower for 10-15 seconds until the glue dries, making sure the flower stays put.

9) Continue steps 6-8, working in an clockwise fashion out towards the end of the graduation cap until you’re done.

DIY Floral Graduation Cap

Extra Tips & Pointers

When you’ve reached the edges of the graduation cap, you want to make sure there isn’t any bare spots showing. If they are, try to fill them up with more flowers. But don’t overdo it, it can weigh your cap down!

Once you’ve filled up all the empty spaces, you’re done decorating your DIY floral graduation cap! It wasn’t that hard, was it? Plus, it didn’t take long at all! To be honest, I waited until the day before my graduation to decorate my cap and it only took an hour. Just give yourself enough time to make sure the glue is completely dry and no flowers fall off.

Now it’s time to try your pretty and unique DIY floral graduation cap on. Don’t forget to take pictures! Here’s how mine turned out. ☺️

DIY Floral Graduation Cap

Have you or are you graduating soon?

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