Avec Valerie is Going on Hiatus Until Mid-February

Hi everyone.

I absolutely hate that I’m doing this but I feel that it’s necessary for the sake of my sanity. Yes, you correctly read the title of this post… I have decided to go on hiatus for about a month. This is probably the most personal post you’ll read on this blog, as I try to keep certain aspects of my life to myself. Simply put, I have too much going on in my life right now.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’d know that I recently graduated college. I plan to attend graduate school in the fall and until then, I need to mentally (and financially) prepare myself for it. Most grad school applications are due mid-February, hence the time I intend to return. For the next month, I’ll be constantly studying for the GRE, writing personal statements, and filling out applications. My overall GPA wasn’t the best so it’s crucial that I do very well on the GRE in order to get into a decent grad program. As much as I love blogging, my education, my career, and my future are my top priorities.

You’ll also recall that I recently completed my internship back in December. I loved the experience so much, I reapplied and got the next level position. Now as a staff member, I have much more responsibilities and am in charge of the incoming interns for the spring semester. I’m also working 30+ hours a week at my part-time job as a hostess. To say that I’m busy with work is an understatement; I only get one day off a week and it’s not enough time to relax and get everything else done.

On a more personal level, I just haven’t been feeling like myself lately. I’m constantly stressed out and anxious about the things going on in my life. My relationships with certain people have been so toxic, my happiness and self-esteem have been drained out of me. This blog used to be my escape and my outlet, where I could focus all my positive energy into. I feel like I’ve hit the wall and blogging now feels like a chore that I can’t keep up with. Despite the recent success of my blog, I still want it to be fun and effortless. I refuse to blog just for the sake of sticking to my schedule. I will always choose quality content over quantity. In order to do that, I need to take a break and focus on myself again.

Until then, there will not be any new blog posts. I’ll still be on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter if you want to keep in touch. Please take care of yourselves. I promise I’ll be back in February with a refreshed and positive perspective. x

Love, Valerie