October 2015 Plan With Me

Plan with Me: October 2015

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well. First and foremost, I want to apologize for going MIA the last week and a half. As you know, I’m preparing to finally graduate this December so I’ve been swamped with senior projects, papers, and midterms. Not to mention, I also have work and hours I have to meet for my internship. I’ve been focusing on all these other areas in my life but I finally got some downtime to blog again. I’m kicking off November with a Plan With Me post for October. You guys will really see how hectic the last few weeks have been for me!

I always like to start off with the monthly at-a-glance view. Once again, everything is color coded. Red is for school, brown is special days and holidays, blue is blog stuff, orange is personal business, and green is anything that has to do with work or money.


Here is week 1 of October:


October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month so of course, I had to write that in pink. The cute little bra sticker is from Planner Wonderland.


Here is week 2 of October:


American Horror Story finally came back into my life! So far, Hotel is a pretty good season. I hope Ryan Murphy doesn’t disappoint me again. The showtime sticker is from Stickeriffic.


I spent the weekend in LA. It was a much needed getaway.


Here is week 3 of October:


Something to keep in mind — kindness changes everything. I just like the way I wrote it.


Okay, so maybe October wasn’t too busy. A lot of classes and events were cancelled for me. Plus, it finally rained here in California. It felt like winter for a day and then the weather went back to being warm.


I was supposed to attend a zombie pub crawl but I had to work that night. Instead, I drew a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies… right next to a CS Lewis quote, hehehe.


Here is week 4 of October:


I had an empty box so I filled it up with a very bad drawing of a sloth for International Sloth Day.


I started playing with washi tape a bit more. I found this black & white chevron design on sale at Target… and I’m still learning how to evenly apply washi tape. It’s a lot harder than you think!


And here is week 5 of October:


Guess what day it is?!?? Hump Day!! The cute camel sticker came in a sampler set from Stickeriffic.


The last few days of October were very busy for me. I had presentations to give and events to attend, all on top of remembering to take care of myself and my health. Most of the stickers you see here are from Planner Wonderland.


I found the glow in the dark skeleton sticker in the $1 section at Target. It was a whole book of stickers. Target and the $1 section is one of my favorite places to find supplies!


That’s about it for this month! As you can see, I’m trying to utilize all the free space as much as possible. I need to buy more decorative stickers so if you know of any good Etsy shops, let me know in the comments!

What are you looking forward to in November? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to like & subscribe. Have a lovely day, everyone! xx