Tutorial // Everyday Minimal Makeup for the Lazy Girl

Everyday Minimal Makeup for the Lazy Girl

Hi everyone, happy Hump Day!

We’re halfway through the week. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so lazy lately. Maybe because it’s finally autumn and the weather is cooler. We’ve also reached the midpoint of the semester, where I’m drowning in midterms, papers, and projects. This is when I start to sleep in more and stop trying to look cute. Lately, I’ve been rolling out of bed, throwing on whatever comfy clothes I can find, and apply minimal makeup to look like I’m at least awake. If you’re a lazy girl like me and want to look good without trying too hard, this makeup tutorial is for you. So grab your sweatpants, tie your hair into a bun, and hang around!


Just like Drake once said: “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on.” That’s the way I like it… most of the time!


The most important step to any skincare routine is to moisturize, especially in the dry winter season. Currently, I’m using Philosophy’s Take a Deep Breath with SPF 30. It’s lightweight and takes care of my dry patches. I also make sure to apply lip balm before I go anywhere. My favorite is the EOS lip balm in sweet mint.


After I’ve moisturized, I multitask with one of my favorite products ever — Tarte’s BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer with SPF 30. I love it because it does many things at once. It’s a BB cream and a primer. Not to mention, it provides great coverage! Sometimes when I’m feeling extra lazy, I won’t even apply concealer. The BB primer is all I need. I buff the BB primer into my skin with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and my face looks amazing.


My brows are so light, they need to be filled in all the time. I know everyone’s been obsessed with eyebrows lately but I definitely understand why — eyebrows, besides contouring, really shape your face. Without drawing my brows in, my face looks so different and bare. And of course, I’m using Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof eyebrow mousse, which I’ve reviewed before.


I finish the look by curling my lashes with the MAC full lash curler and applying the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. This is another must in my daily routine — it makes my eyes pop and appear larger. Plus, it makes me look more alive… I mean, awake.


And here’s the finished look! Not too bad for using only four products, eh? Like I said, I’ve been so tired and lazy lately, this has been my go-to makeup routine. It’s quick and easy. It should take you about 10 minutes. Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes because I like to take my time blending my BB primer and filling in my brows. Anyway, I hope you guys liked this lazy girl, minimal makeup tutorial!

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