Fun Times at the Fair with Friends

Fun Times at the Fair with Friends

Hi everyone!

This last week and a half, my hometown’s county fair took place. I live in a relatively small California town that’s continuing to grow and the fair is a big event for us every year. For some reason I can’t remember, I didn’t go to the fair last year. This year, I went with a bunch of my friends and it’s the most fun I’ve had. We drank, ate, looked at some art, and went on so many rides. I already can’t wait to go back next year!


Yes, beer and deep fried everything! There’s this thing called a Krispy Kreme burger — three burger patties and two slices of cheese stacked between two Krispy Kreme original glaze donuts. I call it a triple bypass.


Look at the guy in the back! He was the one carding us for alcohol wristbands.


I love my friends so much!


Blue Moon all night long!


It was actually empty for $2 Tuesday.


It’s Michonne from The Walking Dead! I love the use of vibrant colors and texture; it definitely contrasts the darkness of the series.


Yep, that’s Snoop Dogg holding a corndog on the bottom right corner.


It’s shaved ice time!


After walking around and eating our weight in food, we finally decided to put our wristbands for unlimited rides to use. The lines were short and we got on the rides right away. I went on too many spinning rides to count. We stayed until the fair closed and went back to my friend’s house. It was definitely a fun time!

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