How to Strobe and Get Your #HighlightOnFleek

Hi everyone!

Recently, I’ve noticed a new trend mentioned among my favorite sites and blogs. While the technique isn’t so new, the phrase is new to me — strobing. This makeup technique has been around for awhile but it’s been overshadowed by the current contouring obsession. While contouring uses bronzer to focus on the shadows of your face, strobing uses highlighter or illuminator to focus on and enhance the highlights of your face. It’s really simple, actually. All you do is apply highlighter or bronzer to the high points of your face — brow bone, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow.

There are different types of products you can use to master the strobing technique. It all just depends on your skin type and preference. You can use powders, creams, or liquids. My skin tends to get oily so I prefer powder highlighters. I feel like it sets my liquid foundation better and it just looks better when it sets.

As I said before, strobing focuses on the highlights of your face. Combined with contouring, you can bring out your best features and have that perfect summer glow. It’s the finishing touch to your makeup and it could totally transform your look. Here’s how you can achieve that look! And before we start, here’s how I look without any highlighter on.

Before strobing

Now grab your favorite highlighter or illuminator and come strobe with me!

Grab your fave highlighter & brush!

For this post, I’m using the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in “opal” with a SOHO silk all-over eyeshadow brush because it’s small enough to get the details that I want. Plus, the highlighter can get really shimmery and I don’t want it all over my face.

Highlight the bridge of the nose.

Don't forget the cupid's bow!

Highlight the chin.

Highlight the brow bone.

Highlight the cheek bone.

For the cheek bones, I’m using the e.l.f. Studio small stipple brush because it covers a little more area and I want my cheeks to pop.

Highlight the inner corner of the eye.

And you’re done! Here’s the finished look.

After strobing

It’s a little subtle in this picture because I couldn’t find the right lighting. But compared to the very first picture, you can notice the glow in my face. It really brightens your face and makes you look more awake. And trust me, it shows up a lot more in person!

I hope you all had fun with this tutorial. Show me your #HighlightOnFleek photos! Also in the comments, tell me what your favorite highlighters and illuminators are. Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you want to see more posts. Have a lovely day!

Valerie Nguyen

Valerie. 26. California girl with insatiable wanderlust. BS in Public Health with a concentration in Community Health. Bookkeeper by day, fangirl by night. Shameless foodie and retail therapist.

6 thoughts on “How to Strobe and Get Your #HighlightOnFleek

    1. That’s so strange! Another one of my friends was having this issue. She said she wasn’t seeing any of my posts but on my end, I could see that she was still following me. I hope it’s all sorted out now! xx


  1. Your Cupid’s Bow photo is great haha I always make the same face! I think the strobing phenomenon is interesting, but I have to contour too otherwise my face is SO pale. Great job! You look so glowy!


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