school utensils flatlay

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  1. It has been a hot while since I have been in school but having to shift to a social distance learning can be hard, but we need to adapt however we can. It is so important to have blue light blocking glasses! I bought one two years ago and love the difference it makes. I LOVE Fringe Studio notebooks!! I have two of them :). I found being able to still have a backpack is good to simulate like you’re in school for reals. Thanks for sharing this list!

    Nancy ✨

    1. I haven’t been in school in awhile either but I think this list also helps us transition into remote working. And yes! I’ve had my blue light blocking glasses for over a year now and they’re so great. I can work for longer hours on my computer without having to strain my eyes.

      Thanks for reading and enjoying this post. ☺️

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